Fat Freeze

Fat Freeze

Fat Freeze/Cryoplipolysis

Cryo Lipo, or ‘fat freezing’, is a non-surgical procedure treatment used to destroy fat cells.

Fat Freeze relies on controlled cooling to near sub-zero temperatures for non-invasive localised reduction of fat deposits in order to reshape body contours.

The exposure to cooling causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without apparent damage to the overlying skin. The procedure is billed as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction.

Stubborn fat is hard to get rid of, despite diet and exercise. The AW3® Cryolpolysis technology uses controlled freezing to target and break down the fat cells. In just a few weeks, these fat cells will naturally leave the body for good.

What is involved in a Fat Freeze?

The Cryo handle is applied to the treatment area targeted for fat loss. The handle uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat cells and freeze them. This procedure is known as apoptosis (controlled cell death) and fat is gradually eliminated from the body through the body’s natural waste disposal system.

When fat cells are subjected to being cooled below body temperature, the freezing causes the fat cells to die, followed by a local inflammatory response. When fat cells are exposed to extreme cold conditions, the body’s usual response is to restrict circulation to keep the core of the body at the correct temperature.

Cryo Lipo makes use of a powerful vacuum which adds to the inflammatory response by drawing blood up to the surface layers of the skin, killing the cells.

How does the process work?

The fat will gradually leave the body through the lymphatic system and this can take up to 30 days. The results are not instant, as the body has to work to remove the frozen fat cells.

What areas can be treated?

Areas commonly treated are:

  • Lower abdomen (‘Mummy Tummy’)
  • Outer thighs
  • Inner thighs
  • ‘Love handles’ (upper hip)
  • Backs of upper arms ‘bingo wings’
  • Around inner knees
  • Calf
  • Saddle bags

How long does a session take?

A typical treatment takes 25 minutes maximum per area.

We advise clients to wait 30-60 days before they embark on a second session. This is to ensure they see the results from the first session and so that the body has time to remove the frozen fat cells.

How long until I see results?

The fat cells break down gradually to release their contents, which are removed by the body’s natural mechanisms. This process continues for up to 3 months, which is when the benefits of the treatment are seen. Fat cell loss of between 20-30%, per area treated has been reported.

How many sessions will I need?

One session is sufficient for most people on most areas. Cryo has the advantage of not usually requiring a course of treatment. Depending on the thickness of the fat and your client’s personal goals, fat freezing may be repeated in the same area for a second time but is not always necessary.

If you decide that you would like a further reduction in the same area, preferable waiting time between sessions is approximately 2 months. This is to give enough time to measure the effectiveness of the initial treatment. Clinical trial data has shown for most people, a 2nd treatment within about 2 months of the first does lead to greater reduction.

Does it hurt? And is it safe?

During the procedure, clients remain comfortable and can resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

Vacuum suction gently pulls the skin into a plastic head, and then the cooling process starts. The skin quickly goes numb, and the rest of the treatment is pain free.

Cryo Lipo is completely safe and non-invasive. The technology has been medically proven and there is no downtime following the treatment.