No Needle Fat Dissolve

No Needle Fat Dissolve

No Needle Fat Dissolve Ipswich

No needle fat dissolve is taking the industry by storm. A relatively new procedure that is able to target local fatty and cellulite areas without the need for needles, surgery or liposuction. This procedure uses a pen-like device that has a highly loaded spring to fire a fat-busting water-based solution through the skin to dissolve local fatty areas and cellulite.

This treatment is more affordable than conventional treatments, has zero downtime, and can be delivered in less time than a normal lunch break making this an excellent treatment to target stubborn fatty areas or cellulite and get the desired results you make seek.

This treatment can be used to improve skin tension and firmness for the following areas: Chin, Inner/Outer Thighs, Back, love handles, stomach, Arms, Buttocks, Chest.


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Benefits of No Needle Fat Dissolve

No needles, great for anyone with needle phobia

A minimally invasive procedure with no downtime

Fast recovery and can target most areas of the body with extreme accuracy

Many areas of the body can be targeted in one session

Less discomfort, minimal bruising and near on zero pain

Ideal for those who aren’t suitable for fat freezing

Eliminates fat and cellulitis

Who is no needle fat dissolve suitable for?

No Needle Fat Dissolve is now available in Ipswich. If you have local fatty areas or cellulite you want rid of, this procedure may be perfect for you. Those with phobias to needles, don’t want invasive or surgical procedures, no needle fat dissolve can be delivered to the exact areas you wish to remove fatty deposits from with utmost accuracy.

No needle fat dissolve is a great procedure for those who wish to target different areas of the body in one session as it can target most areas of the body.

As with any treatment to make the body firmer, fat-free and looking younger, we always recommend that this treatment is alongside those already committed to making healthier lifestyle choices to keep the fatty deposits from returning.

How does no needle fat dissolve work?

No needle fat dissolve treatment is performed by using a state of the art pressure pen that delivers a fat-busting, water-based solution to fat layers beneath the skin. The shots (known as injections, but without needles) are quick and comfortable and don’t need any numbing agents, nor any local anaesthetics.

As the treatments are delivered by ‘shots’ and not injections (similar to insulin pens), there is little to no pain.  The specially formulated compound solution is delivered to the exact spot above the fatty deposit and surrounds the fatty cells to destroy them. The remains of the fat cells are then drained away through the normal lymphatic system.

The Hyaluron Pen is a new needle-less treatment in the UK. The procedure reduces unflattering and stubborn areas of fat and cellulite without the need for invasive procedures. In short, the treatment comprises of hydrolysing the wall of the fat cell and making it release its lipid content. A great benefit of this treatment is it can be used almost anywhere in the body in a single treatment session,


No needle fat dissolve, alternative treatments available

Treatments that can provide similar results to no needle fat dissolve include ultrasound cavitation and fat freezing. It is possible to use these treatments interchangeably or to create a course of treatments using all three.

During a free, no-obligation consultation, we can discuss your needs and requirements and recommend the best solution to help you achieve your goals.  More information on the combination of treatments can be found below.

Fat Freezing / Cool Sculpting /Cryoplipolysis

Ultrasound Cavitation 

It is important to stress that although these treatments can be very successful, they are not a replacement for a healthy balanced diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle after treatment is highly recommended.

What is expected after my session?

There may be some itching or redness in the area post-treatment, but this will normally subside within a few hours.

As each of our bodies are unique and different, some may experience slight bruising or swelling in the local area, but this will disappear normally within a week or two (each client healing process is different). Arnica cream is recommended for this treatment if you normally bruise easily, and can be purchased from pharmacies and supermarkets.

It is important to help your natural body system flush toxins through your lymphatic system. Drinking plenty of water is the perfect way to help.

Avoid sunbeds/strong UV Rays for 14 days to reduce the chances of hyperpigmentation in the local area.


When can I expect to see results from no needle fat-dissolving?

The beauty of this treatment is the procedure is delivered to the exact spot of your choice.

There is no need to wait for the product to be consumed or delivered via the extensive networks of the body. With this in mind and the shot being delivered, the fat-dissolving process begins near on immediately.

As every client is different and every body is unique, depending on the number of fatty cells to destroy, remarkable visual results differ from person to person.

Normally clients will be able to the feel results before you seeing them. This procedure can be repeated every ten days until the desired feel and look is achieved.

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What is the cost of this treatment?

Full Stomach                    £130.00

Half Stomach                   £90.00

Love Handles                   £130.00

Inner /Outer Thighs        £160.00

Arms                                 £110.00

Back Fat Pads                  £130.00

Neck/Chin                        £90.00

Buttocks                           £130.00

Chest/Back                      £130.00

Knees                                £90.00


Includes 20-minute cavitation session

No needle fat dissolve, how it works

No Needle Fat Dissolving, Before the Lines in Ipswich


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