Celebrity Facial Treatment Oxyjet

Celebrity Facial Treatment Oxyjet

The Trusted Celebrity Facial Treatment, using Oxygen Therapy

Ever wondered how celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow and many others have perfect, flawless facial skin? What’s the real secret? OXYjet facial treatment combines a leading special blend of active ingredients with medical-grade oxygen. The active ingredients and oxygen are pulsated to different layers of the skin to provide an instant nourishing, brighter, younger look, with an even skin tone. This Facial Treatment in Ipswich is only available at Before the Lines.

You’ll not only see immediate results, but your skin will continue to improve for weeks after the treatment. This is due to the pulsated oxygen continuing to revitalise not just the surface of the skin, but the deeper skin tissues.

Benefits of the oxyjet facial treatment

Stimulating collagen production and cellular renewal

Treats Acne & other skin blemishes

Uses medicated concentrated oxygen

Energises and vitalises the skin

Signs of ageing are reversed, including fine lines and wrinkles

Suitable for all skin types

Rejuvenates tired or dull skin

Stimulates the Lymphatic Drainage, releasing toxins

Boosts blood circulation

Contours the skin

Acts against irritations and impurities

Oxyjet facial treatment

Who is the OXYjet facial treatment suitable for?

What’s excellent about OXYjet treatments is there are no fillers and no injectables, making it a safe, non-surgical procedure that nearly everyone can enjoy.

With the main ingredient being Oxygen that penetrates different layers of skin, this treatment is a safe, zero downtime treatment with immediate benefits.

Treatments available from the OXYjet range have an antibacterial effect from the serum used; therefore, this is also an excellent treatment for anyone suffering from acne at any level.

This treatment is suitable as a lunchtime treatment.

How does the OXYjet facial treatment work?

Active concentrated ingredients uniquely designed to meet your skin requirements are applied and deeply shot into the skin by a gentle oxygen pressure handle. There are no needles, so the treatment is very soft and extremely effective and safe.

The handles of the device can be seen above and are safe, relaxing and comfortable.

All treatments and cosmetic problems are treated without pain and free of any side effects. Wrinkles are filled, pigmentation spots lightened, or blemishes can be softened and removed.

Alternatives to OXYjet facial treatment Ipswich

This facial treatment is an all-rounder, with no side effects, no downtime, and it’s also pain-free. One reason you may want an alternative is if you have deep wrinkles or lines and therefore you need a treatment which will specifically focus in-depth on a particular area. Alternative therapies to consider include:



Plasma Pen

Chemical Peels

What to expect after your session

One of the many reasons Oxyjet treatments are so popular is the immediate results with little to no risks of side effects. Other therapies may cause slight temporary swelling, redness or skin recovery time.

Oxyjet’s main ingredient is medical-grade oxygen; therefore, the treatment is designed to refresh the skin, giving amazing results immediately. This is one of the reasons celebrities love this treatment.

People who have very sensitive or damaged skin may experience slight redness, but this is temporary. If you have very sensitive or damaged skin, do let us know during your initial consultation. That way, the additional vitamin and skin products can be carefully selected to ensure the ultimate solution is individually tailored to your skin’s needs.

When can you expect to see results?

With the Oxyjet Facial treatment, you will notice an immediate benefit. With the beauty-tox special blend of ingredients, it is designed to diminish lines & wrinkles and is a naturally-working alternative to botox. Some of the immediate results include your face feeling firmer, plumper and more hydrated.

With the Oxyjet treatments, you will see a notable difference immediately and, because the serums and medical grade oxygen are delivered to the deeper layers of your skin, you will continue to notice improvements weeks after.

The Oxyjet treatments are recommended to be repeated around every four weeks to ensure your skin continues to deliver the ultimate feel and look. Courses are available should you wish.

What is the cost of the OXYjet Facial treatment?

Prices for single sessions start from £50.00 and courses are also available.

There are a few different treatments in the Oxyjet range, however during a free consultation we can discuss your needs, to ensure any specific requirements such as lines or wrinkle removal, acne treatment or naturally younger, fresher skin is achieved.

Sample videos of the treatments available are beside and below.

It is also possible to combine special ingredients to treat more than one condition or requirement, reducing costs for you.

This treatment can be finished by the LED light therapy for the ultimate facial experience, should you wish.

OXYJET ABSOLUTE EFFECTS brightening corrector

This is for skin with irregular pigmentation, making it the ideal treatment for age spots. It enzymatically and gently clears the complexion and removes dead skin cells whilst fighting single pigmentation marks. The skin complexion as a whole looks brighter and fresher. The treatment also stimulates the skin’s own collagen synthesis, protects against premature aging of the skin and lifts the facial contours.

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Volume Booster regenerates the skin by the application of oxygen and contour lifting.

This treatment is designed to reduce the expression lines around the forehead, eyes, and lips.

You will also discover that with volume booster it tightens the face contours. It reduces the depth of facial expression lines by facial muscles being relaxed, and regenerates the collagen and lipid structures in the hypodermis, immediately fills lines and gives the skin youthful volume.

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Suitable for every skin type, this is a great treatment to quickly refresh the complexion,  whilst softening and smoothing out fine lines. It’s ideal after frequent sunbathing, illness, stress or intensive peeling. In short – it’s a great boost for whenever the skin needs its freshness and vitality back.

The treatment makes the skin immediately appear smooth, circulation is improved and the complexion has a fresh, healthy and rosy taint from the combination of micro-encapsulated oxygen, hyaluronic acid and high-dose of vitamins.

facial treatment Ipswich

For skin prone to sensitivity and irritation. This treatment relieves redness and inflammation, increases the resistance of the blood capillaries and thus ensures a uniform appearance of the skin. It provides intensive moisturisation and smoothes dry lines, making it optimal care for skin prone to imperfections.

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For impure skin at any age. The appearance of the skin will become pure, fine and uniform. Disinfection of the skin by the application of oxygen plus reduction of hornifications and regulation of the oiliness. This treatment calms down inflammation and redness so that the skin appears clear, fine and even.

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