LED Light Therapy – BIO2LIGHT

LED Light Therapy – BIO2LIGHT

LED Light Therapy – BIO2LIGHT

BIO2LIGHT therapy uses oxygen and LED light energy to trigger your skin cells to accelerate, rejuvenate and reawaken. LED light therapy treatment instantly re-energises tired and dull skin by triggering the body’s natural cell processes. After many studies, light and air treatments are proven to enhance appearance and wellbeing. This advanced LED light therapy in Ipswich is available at Before The Lines.

Exposure to a series of lights stimulates the metabolism, hormonal balance and the immune system, while the concentrated oxygen is gently flowing and inhaled and absorbed into the skin. This increases the division and renewal of cells. Increased oxygen prevents a grey, lacklustre skin appearance and also works as an anti-ageing treatment. There are many other benefits from the BIO2Light as detailed below.

Benefits of LED Light therapy

increases blood circulation

stimulates the skin metabolism

activates the immune system

reduces inflammation

relaxing and pain free

lunchtime treatment

balances pigmentation irregularities

calms sensitive skin

reduce stress

increase energy levels

LED Light Therapy Ipswich
BIO2Light Therapy 2

Who is BIO2LIGHT suitable for?

LED light therapy is suitable for most people of all ages. It is not suitable for people who are taking specific acne medications, or if you are sensitive towards sunlight.

The LED lights are:

BLUE (470nm) has anti-inflammatory, soothing and wound healing properties. Ideal for impure, inflamed and irritated skin.
GREEN (530nm) has a calming, balancing and harmonizing effect. Perfect for use on irritated, sensitive and eczema-prone skin.
ORANGE (600nm) has regenerating, stimulating and activating, encourages detoxification. The orange light strengthens the immune system.
RED (620nm) stimulates the metabolism, increases the blood circulation and tightens mature, degenerated skin.

Up to 10 mm deep, the light waves penetrate the skin and – depending on the wavelength – contrasting skin conditions can be targeted.

What is expected after my treatment?

As LED light therapy is non-invasive, no recovery time is required, and you are able to continue with everyday activities immediately.

BIO2LIGHT, with its concentrated oxygen light tent, should leave you feeling revitalised from the inside and out. The benefits include leaving you feeling less stressed and slowing down and improving the look of your skin. Breathing in pure oxygen is known to help you think faster and help you focus, and it speeds up recovery from tiredness, injuries, or if you have had a period of being unwell. The device that is used provides a gentle stream of 95% pure oxygen, compared to normal air, which is around 21%.

Many health gurus state that oxygen is one of the body’s best cleansers and detoxifiers and boosts our immune system to help fight infections, diseases, coughs and colds.

LED Light Therapy Ipswich

What is the cost of this treatment?

This treatment can be used as a standalone treatment, or can be added to the end of most treatments.

For a standalone treatment, the cost is £30.00 for 30 minutes

To be added to the end of any other treatment:

£10.00 for ten minutes

£15.00 for fifteen minutes

BIO2LIGHT therapy, how it works:

More information can be found on a LED light therapy in an article from the Star, can light therapy save your skin

LED Light Therapy Ipswich

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