Lip Filler – Needle Free

Lip Filler – Needle Free

No Needle Lip Filler,
Hyaluron Pen

For those who want lip volume, whilst keeping the natural, beautiful look. Lip volume / Lip Filler is now available without the need for injections and needles. Introducing the Hyaluron Pen. The pen works by firing hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar the body creates naturally, via a device that uses pressure and air to target the exact area where the increase in volume / filler is required. This treatment is safe, and pain-free, making this a perfect solution for those who don’t want injections, or the pain that comes with it.

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Benefits of Lip Filler (Needle Free)

Lip Enhancement, effective procedure to add volume to the lips

No injections

Lip rejuvenation

Lip Re-shaping with no needles

Results achieved in one session

Increased Volume

No Needle Lip Fillers Ipswich

Who is suitable for Lip Filler?

This treatment is non-invasive, and is a number one consideration for those who want fuller, more volume enhanced lips without the need for injections. This procedure requires no downtime and is called a “lunchtime treatment”. This safe procedure is considered safe for most people with good health. The adding of hyaluronic acid fillers whilst pregnant or on specific heart medication is not advised. It may not be suitable for patients that have psoriasis or eczema. The treatment cannot be performed if you have recently had radiation therapy.

How does non-injectable Lip Filler work?

This new treatment has taken the beauty industry by storm, providing pain-free, no needle treatment that reshapes and provides volume to lips, virtually pain-free.

The Hyaluron pen delivers hyaluronic acid, with a device similar to the needle free diabetes pen. It’s a small “jet injector device” that delivers the specified amount of hyaluronic acid under the surface of the lips to assist with our natural substance to revive and encourage a fresher and plumper effect.

As we age above 20 we lose approx 1-2% Collagen and hyaluronic acid per day. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally created in our bodies and is the most hydrating substance out there. This substance attracts water to then keep us hydrated and increases the volume of the lips.

When can I expect to see results from Lip Filler (Non Injectable)

Results from non-injectable lip filler are immediate. The procedure requires no downtime at all as as no needles are used, you will not have any pin pricks, nor blood spots and you can return to normal activities immediately.

Top ups are available when required, but if you are happy with the shape, top ups thereafter can be every three to seven months depending on your lifestyle, which will have a major factor of the longevity of this natural product.

Start Treatment Today, Pay Later
Deposit required and monthly payment thereafter. Interest Free
subject to T&Cs

What is the cost for this treatment?

0.5ml –      £125.00

1.0ml –       £165.00

1.5ml –       £180.00

2.0ml –      £225.00


additional 0.5ml – £50.00

Non-injectable lip filler, how it works:

Further information on the Needle Free fillers can be found on the Daily Hive, “Everything you should know about getting needle-free fillers” and Admire Beauty Academy article, “All you need to know about the Hyaluron Pen!”

Non-Injectable Lip Filler, Ipswich

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